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    Rental Properties in Cougal, NSW, 2474

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    About Cougal Rental Properties

    Cougal is a charming suburb located in the 2474 postcode area of New South Wales. If you are looking for rental properties in Cougal, TenantApp can help you find the perfect place to call home. Whether you are in search of an apartment, townhouse, or house, TenantApp has a wide selection of rental properties for you to choose from.

    Discover the Beauty of Cougal

    Cougal is nestled in a picturesque valley surrounded by lush greenery and breathtaking mountain views. It offers a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere, making it an ideal place to live for those seeking a quiet lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

    Explore Cougal's Natural Wonders

    Cougal is renowned for its natural beauty and offers plenty of outdoor activities for nature enthusiasts. You can explore the nearby Border Ranges National Park, which is home to stunning rainforests, cascading waterfalls, and diverse wildlife. The park also offers several walking and hiking trails, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the serenity of the surroundings.

    If you prefer a more adventurous experience, you can go camping, fishing, or canoeing in the nearby Clarrie Hall Dam. The dam provides a peaceful setting for outdoor recreation and is a popular spot for picnics and relaxation.

    For those who enjoy bird watching, Cougal is a haven for bird species, including the iconic Albert's Lyrebird. You can spend hours observing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

    Convenient Location and Amenities

    Cougal is conveniently located just a short drive away from the town of Uki, where you can find essential amenities such as supermarkets, cafes, and shops. The vibrant town also hosts regular markets, showcasing local produce and crafts.

    Should you need to access larger shopping centers or other services, the city of Murwillumbah is only a 30-minute drive away. Murwillumbah offers a wider range of amenities, including schools, hospitals, and recreational facilities.

    Additionally, Cougal is within close proximity to several renowned universities, including the Griffith University and the Southern Cross University. This makes it an ideal location for students and academics.

    With its natural beauty, peaceful atmosphere, and convenient location, Cougal offers a delightful living experience for individuals and families alike. Start your search for rental properties in Cougal today with TenantApp!

    FAQs about Cougal, New South Wales

    1. Is Cougal a safe suburb?

    Yes, Cougal is considered a safe suburb with a low crime rate. However, it is always advisable to take necessary precautions and practice general safety measures.

    2. What is the average rental price in Cougal?

    The average rental price in Cougal varies depending on the type and size of the property. To get accurate and up-to-date rental prices, you can use the search feature on TenantApp's Cougal rental properties page.

    3. Are there schools in Cougal?

    Cougal is a small suburb, and while it does not have schools within its immediate vicinity, there are schools in nearby towns such as Uki and Murwillumbah.

    4. How far is Cougal from the nearest beach?

    Cougal is located inland and is approximately a 45-minute drive away from the nearest beach, which is located in the coastal town of Kingscliff.

    5. Can I bring my pets to Cougal?

    Whether pets are allowed in rental properties in Cougal depends on the individual landlord's policy. Some landlords may allow pets, while others may have restrictions or require additional pet deposits. It is best to check the property listing or contact the property manager through TenantApp for specific information regarding pets.